In recent times, this has been the most intricate, elegant and unique gun created by our masters:

A double rifle with sidelocks and ejector, executed perfectly with a single trigger mechanism. When developing this gun, we opted for the tried-and-tested, highly precise 9.3x74R calibre. The barrels are octagonal and made from top-grade Böhler Super Blitz steel. As always, the hardwood for the stock was carefully selected and processed.

The truly artistic input for this model comes from engraver Peter Schaschl who created the mythical aura of this gun. In close cooperation with our company, the so-called “secret of Artemis” was brought to life piece by piece.


System: Sidelocks with automatic ejectors
Caliber: 9,3×74 R
Barrels: Chopper-lump-bloc barrels made of high alloyed, high tensile Böhler special steel
Frame: Double underlug lock
Weight: 3,5 kg