The extraordinary variety of birdlife, its wide range of colours and songs and the majestic spectacle of the mating season are among nature’s most impressive achievements. To honour it, we have called the latest flagship from our master workshop, a side-lock three barreled shotgun with an elegant design and lavish engravings of the world’s most venerable bird species, “World of Birds”.

The delicate scenes featuring birdlife were brought to life by master engraver Peter Schaschl. The process relied on a 20-fold enlargement, with inlaid work made from 24k fine gold. The combination of different engraving techniques makes it possible to achieve outstanding depth in the final image.

This shotgun is certainly one of the most distinctive and elegant weapons to ever leave our workshop.


System: Sidelocks in combination with one blitzlock by click at the top
Caliber: 28/70
Barrels: Barrels made of special ordnance Böhler steel
Frame: Double underlug lock
Weight: 3,3 kg