The gunmaker

The expertise that was handed down over generations transformed what started out as a rough-and-ready craft for warfare into artisanship of the highest order, achieving worldwide fame for the Ferlach gunsmith trade.

With each stroke of the file, perfectly applied by the master gunsmith’s hand, our rifles develop a personality of their own.
Expertise, experience and a passion for what we do are the most valuable tools of our master gunsmiths.

The art of the gunsmith combines rough forging and soldering with delicate metalworking, right down to a hundredth of a millimetre.

The mechanism

Complex. Safe. Build to last.

At the heart of every Borovnik hunting rifle lies a complex, safe mechanism. From simple boxlock to sophisticated sidelock mechanisms, all our systems stand out for reliability through the years and consistent handling.

Customers’ individual requests are taken into account even during the production stage of these complex mechanisms and usually refer to their individual arrangement, design and mode of action.