The stockmaker

To combine metal and wood, the gun stocker relies on the chisel, the cutting knife and the hammer. Nutwood is hard, and working it requires unfailing precision, remarkable dexterity and years of experience. The art of interpreting the structure of the wood and shaping it accordingly is a skill that makes the gun stocker a master of his craft.

Each and every one of our rifle stocks is chosen personally by the customer, whose wishes are discussed with the gun stocker to ensure a highly customised end product.


Our incredible store of premium-grade, Caucasian nutwood goes back to the 1960s, when Ludwig Borovnik III first started to lay in supplies.

Today, we are proud to own one of the world’s largest and most exclusive stock wood warehouses in the world. All our woods are dried naturally over a minimum period of 20 years and combine top quality with breath-taking beauty.

The stock of appropriate nut trees is limited – to cut and process these 500-year-old, metre-thick trees, we have to think in generational terms.

The characteristics of the perfect gun stock blank include delicate grain with a suitable contrast ratio, the even texture of the wood pores, a moisture content of less than 4%, the required level of hardness and a straight direction of growth.

Besides premium-grade steels and precious metals, this nutwood is one of the most valuable resources for creating our masterpieces.

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