Three barreled shotgun


The three-barrel shotgun, or Flintendrilling, is a hunting weapon with three shot barrels of the same calibre. The benefits of this weapon are obvious: experienced hunters will be able to fire three shots in quick succession without having to put the weapon down or reloading it. The different modes of action of the trigger mechanism are our specialty – choose between a single or double trigger. The final product may be customised with additional technical features such as ejectors for all three barrels and choke bores adapted to your preferred type of hunting.


System: Blitzlock (as well sidelocks possible)
Trigger: First trigger – single trigger for the right and the left barrel
Second trigger – shotgun trigger for the barrel below
Caliber: 12 – 16 – 20 – 28
Barrels: Barrels made of alloyed special ordnance steel
Frame: Covered Greener bolt and double underlug lock
Weight: 3,2 kg